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Amendment of Provisions Environmental Statement, May 2006

Amendment of Provisions Environmental Statement, May 2006

The Department for Transport (DfT) has deposited a second group of Amendment of Provisions. Since the deposit of the Bill in February 2005 a number of changes to the project have been identified as a result of discussions with stakeholders and continued project development.

Some of these changes would have the effect of extending the scope of the Bill.

Such changes to the project can be made by depositing Amendment of Provisions and in some require further environmental assessment work to be carried out and published.

An Amendment of Provisions Environmental Statement is now available and contains details on:

  • the realignment of the proposed siding at Westbourne Park and the extension of a footbridge carrying Westbourne Park Passage, City of Westminster
  • a tunnel for construction purposes in connection with the proposed crossover between Farringdon and Liverpool Street Stations, City of London
  • access to the proposed working site at Finsbury Circus, City of London
  • the diversion of a sewer at Moorgate Station, City of London
  • the provision of a new road and the reinstatement of the existing Travellers' Site at Eleanor Street, Tower Hamlets
  • the diversion of Hackney & Abbey Mills and Wick Lane sewers, Tower Hamlets
  • the provision of access at Seagull Lane, Newham
  • the provision of a working site at Plumstead, Greenwich
  • the realignment of Hollow Hill Lane, Slough.

Non-technical summary

A Non-technical summary in non-technical language is also available.