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Environmental Statement - non-technical summaries

Non-technical summaries are designed to help you understand the larger documents submitted as part of the Crossrail Bill and provide an overview of the work being proposed.

A Non-technical summary briefing has been produced for each of the following documents:

  • Environmental Statement
  • Supplementary Environmental Statement 1
  • Supplementary Environmental Statement 2
  • Supplementary Environmental Statement 3
  • Supplementary Environmental Statement 4
  • Amendment of Provisions
  • Amendment of Provisions 2
  • Amendment of Provisions 3
  • Amendment of Provisions 4

Some of these files are large in size and may take some time to download.  If you experience any problems, or you wish to request copies of this information, you can do so via our Helpdesk.  

Download Non Technical Summary .pdf

Download NTS Addendum 01.pdf