Leadership Team

On 1 August 2008, in accordance with the Heads of Terms, the agreements published in November 2007 between DfT and TfL on the future funding and governance of the Crossrail project, the Crossrail Board was reconstituted.

The Crossrail Board comprises:

Of the above members Andrew Wolstenholme, David Allen and Simon Wright are executive.

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The Executive Committee

Below the main Board is the Executive and Investment Committee, comprising the following:

  • Andrew Wolstenholme, CEO
  • Simon Wright, Programme Director
  • Chris Sexton, Technical Director
  • Mark Fell,  Legal Services Director
  • Martin Buck, Transition and Strategy Director
  • Steve Hails,  Health and Safety Director
  • Howard Smith, Operations Director
  • Valerie Todd, Talent and Resources Director
  • Will Parkes, External Affairs Director
  • Mathew Duncan, Finance Director

Board of Directors

Terry Hill CBE

Terry Hill CBE

Non-Executive Director – Senior Independent Director (SID)

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