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Steve Doherty, Train Operations Principles Manager

Why did you join Crossrail?

I joined Crossrail in June 2010 to manage the co-ordinated development of core operating philosophies, requirements, strategies and procedures.  As this is the biggest infrastructure project in Europe I thought my skills and experience could really add value and I could make a difference. 

What makes Crossrail different?

There are so many key stakeholders for consultation, liaison and exchange of information that every working day is very different.  Key stakeholders include all Executive Members & Crossrail Senior Design Managers, Network Rail, London Underground plus many more such as Police and Security services. At Crossrail you are empowered to get things done with a safety culture that doesn’t hinder just simply ensures that everyone gets home safely.

How would you describe the culture at Crossrail?

Crossrail has values that demonstrate a commitment to a better way forward they state it’s in our power to change things for the better. An example of this is collaborative learning where we learn new things together. This was demonstrated recently where I challenged one of the existing standards for Driver Operations, and was fully supported to put forward an improved Crossrail version.

How do you think your future career will be enhanced being involved in the Crossrail project?

The training offered is very good, our internal Organisational Development team is very knowledgeable with an easy going manner that makes you feel relaxed whilst learning new skills and adding further knowledge and information. You get to test yourself and certainly are expected to work outside of your comfort zone – these types of attributes will definitely be of future value.

Hobbies, Interests? Tell us more about your personal side, who are you really?

I am a single parent with 3 children I joined Crossrail having worked in Dubai on their new metro system.  I enjoy walking but my passion is playing golf.  I managed to win a number of tournaments last year, with hopefully more to come.