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The operations team is a joint group of individuals between Rail for London and Crossrail.

Working in operations, you will be part of a team that is responsible for ensuring the operator is fully engaged during design and construction of the railway.

We are particularly keen to ensure that testing, commissioning and trial operations are properly planned and effectively delivered so that transfer into operations and maintenance is a simple and stress free event.

As operators we have stated clearly how we intend to operate the railway and will ensure that requirements and objectives are delivered.

Although the path for procuring concessions and franchises to operate train services and to staff stations is well trodden, Crossrail has a number of unique features, such as:

  • The phased introduction of services;
  • The complexity of the subsurface railway; and
  • The fundamental changes in operating patterns.

All of these make it imperative to choose the right operator, and to forge a partnership that will see the project successfully introduced.

During the Rolling Stock and Depot procurement phase the Operations team play a key role in defining operational requirements and lending their new-train introduction experience to the Crossrail procurement team in the development of contract documents and bid assessment.

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Steve Doherty, Train Operations Principles Manager

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