For information about remaining Crossrail construction works visit our Near You interactive map. For information about the Elizabeth line please visit the Transport for London website.

Public consultations during construction

The Crossrail Bill required to construct and operate the railway was introduced in February 2005 and like all legislation was fully considered by the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The Bill contained a description of the works to be done and where they are to be carried out, and identified the land needed temporarily or permanently. The Bill was enacted on 22nd July 2008 when it completed all the Parliamentary stages and received Royal Assent to become The Crossrail Act (2008).

Consultation exercises were carried out at key development stages of the Crossrail project and information made available through a range of communication media before and during the Parliamentary phase. 

Where works are required that fall outside of powers approved under the Crossrail Act 2008, Crossrail must apply for specific powers to undertake those works through submission of a Transport and Works Act Order and carry out a full and transparent public consultation exercise.

All consultation activities are planned and organised to comply with:

  • The Code of Practice on the Dissemination of Information During Major Infrastructure Developments;
  • The Code of Practice on Access to Government Information;
  • The Cabinet Office Code of Practice on Government Consultations and
  • The Transport and Works Act (Applications and Objections Procedure Rules) 1999 and the associated Guide to Procedures for Applications.

There are currently no open consultations.