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Floor-to-ceiling platform screen doors at all Crossrail underground stations

Crossrail are installing floor-to-ceiling platforms screen doors at each of the eight new underground stations on the Elizabeth line – that's roughly 4 kilometers of platform edge screens in total.

The first feature of the new Crossrail stations that distinguishes them from the existing London Underground stations is how big they are – they'll have a platform length of over 250 metres. But over and above the size, perhaps the most obvious technical difference is the separation of the platform space, the people space, from the railway space. 

The design of the Crossrail platform edge screens will be sleek and smoothly integrated into the overall station design. The doors will be made of laminated glass with minimal framing. Above each door, there will be a passenger information screen, which can also be used to advise passengers to use a different door if there is a fault.

Between the doors there will be vertically mounted TV screens to show advertising. The platform edge screens will be operated by the train signalling system, ensuring that door operation is closely synchronised to train movements.

The platform screen doors, much like those seen on the Jubilee line stations today, will be integrated with the platform edge screen that will sit above to fully enclose the platform.

These platform edge screen are a critical safety feature for our stations. They provide a physical barrier between the platform and the track, ensuring that passengers are not able to access the tracks.

We have encorporated extraction ducts into the design, which sit in the screens just above the doors.  These will help to maintain the flow of air through the station and, in the event of a fire, be used to extract any smoke from the platform space.

Over and above the safety features, the platform edge screens help in a number of other ways:

  • By separating air volumes in the station from air in the tunnels, platform screen doors make air conditioning more cost effective, reducing electricity consumption and requiring smaller air-con units. As well as stopping cool air from disappearing into the tunnels, Platform Edge Screens will also improve passenger comfort by preventing draughts from the windspeed of oncoming trains.

  • They will help to reduce cleaning costs for the station spaces - helping to ensure that dust and other particles from the tunnels aren’t blown into the platforms as trains move through the station.