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Exchanging Places

Exchanging Places

Road safety is paramount at Crossrail, especially for vulnerable road users such as cyclists who are negotiating the busy roads of London.

In conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Cycle Task Force and the City of London Police, we aim to raise awareness for vulnerable road users about the dangers of sharing London roads with construction traffic.

Crossrail and its contractors run a series of Exchanging Places events in prominent locations near our construction sites and along our lorry routes.

Exchanging Places is an award-winning programme which addresses the most common cause of serious injury and death to cyclists - collisions involving a heavy goods vehicle (HGV).  It gives cyclists the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat of an HGV to see for themselves how difficult it can be to see a cyclist riding close to the lorry.  Experienced traffic police officers explain how this type of collision often happens and the various ways to avoid them.


Remember you have a responsibility to make sure you are seen and that you take into account changing road and traffic conditions when you cycle. 

Always show caution when approaching junctions and never assume other road users will indicate before they turn.

Likewise, you must indicate when you intend to turn so other road users can take into account your manoeuvres.

It is important that all road users share the roads as safely as possible and this means taking responsibility for your actions at all times.

Watch more videos and read more driver and cyclist safety tips on Transport for London's website.