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Over 200 metres long, providing space for up to 1,500 passengers

  • Air-conditioned walk-through carriages, with capacity for 1,500 customers, Wi-Fi and 4G
  • Lightweight and energy efficient design means 30 per cent less electricity use but faster journey times
  • Fully accessible for wheelchair users

A fleet of 70 new 200 metre long trains built in the United Kingdom will run on the Elizabeth line, featuring nine fully-interconnected walk-through carriages, air conditioning, CCTV and real-time travel information. Each train will be able to carry up to 1,500 people.​

The first train entered passenger service on TfL Rail between Liverpool Street to Shenfield in June 2017.  Transport for London are gradually introducing new trains on the Liverpool Street to Shenfield route currently operating as TfL Rail. These 7-carriage trains are just over 160 metres long, the right size to fit existing platforms at Liverpool Street.

When TfL Rail take over the Heathrow to Paddington service in May 2018, it will be run with 9-carriage, 200 metre-long trains able to carry up to 1,500 passengers. By December 2019 the full fleet of 70 new trains will operate on the completed Elizabeth line.

Constructed using strong, but lightweight materials such as aluminium for the body shell, the Crossrail trains will be light, yet well equipped for performance and customer comfort with features such as intelligent lighting and temperature control systems.

The trains will regenerate electricity back into the power supply when braking to use up to 30 per cent less energy, as well as delivering faster journey times than the old trains.

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Large, clear areas around the doors will allow quicker and easier boarding and alighting. A mixture of metro-style and bay seating will be available through the train, providing choice and comfort for customers. The trains will be driver-operated with on-train customer information systems delivering real-time travel information, allowing customers to plan their onward journeys whilst onboard. Free Wi-Fi will be available on the trains as well as on the platforms and people will have access to 4G.

The interior design and colour palette has been carefully selected to provide an accessible and welcoming environment. The design includes darker floors and natural finish materials that will wear in, and not wear out, ensuring they retain their high-quality feel for years to come. The light coloured ceilings also maximise the feeling of height and openness inside the new trains. The material and colour choices also align with Crossrail stations for a consistent customer experience.

There will be four dedicated wheelchair spaces on each train. In addition, there will be a number of multi-use spaces available, where seating can be tipped up to accommodate prams or luggage.

This short time lapse shows an Elizabeth line train being built at Bombardier in Derby.

Opening the Elizabeth line

The current planning assumption is that new trains will be introduced to run services as follows:

  • May 2015: TfL Rail services opened between Liverpool Street and Shenfield.
  • June 2017: The first new train enters passenger service between Liverpool Street and Shenfield.
  • May 2018: TfL Rail service opens between Paddington (main line) and Heathrow, replacing the existing Heathrow Connect service and part of the Great Western inner suburban service. (The separate Heathrow Express service will continue.)
  • December 2018: The Elizabeth line opens. Three separate services will operate:
    • Paddington to Abbey Wood
    • Paddington to Heathrow
    • Liverpool Street to Shenfield
    • Customers at Paddington will be able to change between the Bakerloo and Elizabeth lines via stairs, escalators or step-free by lift.
  • May 2019: Direct services operate Paddington to Shenfield and Paddington to Abbey Wood. Services from Paddington to Heathrow will continue to start and terminate in the National Rail station.
  • December 2019: The Elizabeth line is fully open, with services running from Reading and Heathrow in the west through the central tunnels to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east.
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