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City of Westminster

Crossrail has set out plans to develop and enhance the public spaces around stations in a number of outer London boroughs. The proposed designs will include new landscaped areas, better way-finding and enhanced integration with other transport services.

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Paddington Eastbourne Terrace

Urban Realm Designers | Gillespies / URS

Paddington Station - architects impression of urban realm proposal_138941

The urban realm design will take advantage of the relocation of the taxi facility to the opposite side of the station, and transform this area into a world-class arrival space.

Paddington Station is a Grade I listed building with a unique architectural and transport heritage. Crossrail is set to transform the Departures Road area of the station from a taxi pick-up area which was oppressive, dark and noisy with confined and narrow pavements, into a world-class arrival space for Crossrail passengers. Eastbourne Terrace, which sits above Departures Road, is a Crossrail worksite. The road has now been partially reopened. As a bus interchange area, it has been difficult for pedestrians to move around Departures Road or the station because of the change of levels and poor legibility.

Eastbourne Terrace will be dramatically improved with a lift and three wide staircases. The scheme for the station interchange will incorporate a taxi drop-off point, cycle and motorcycle parking and a much more easily seen direct link to buses. Servicing arrangements, security measures, several benches and new trees are also fully integrated into the design.   

In Departures Road the urban realm scheme replaces the taxi facility with a series of zones, created in natural stone, along the new pedestrian area to reflect the scale and direction of the street, creating threshold, movement and anchoring spaces. The design for the public space will encourage pedestrians around Paddington to visit Departures Road for shopping, eating and drinking as well as the station.

Paddington Canal-side

Urban Realm Designers | Gillespies / Weston Williamson

Paddington Integrated Project - arhcitects impression of canal side urban realm_139001

The urban realm scheme, interim until the development over the station begins, supports the new station entrance which opened in 2013. It also creates a vibrant public space with soft and hard landscaping, ‘Legible London’ signage and security bollards.

The new entrance to the Hammersmith and City line at Paddington, together with its urban realm, was constructed by Crossrail.

This is part of a wider project known as the ‘Paddington Integrated Project’ which, in partnership with London Underground and Network Rail, saw the creation of a new taxi facility on the former Red Star Deck and the refurbishment of the fourth span of the mainline station.

The area around the western Grand Union Canal towpath was previously characterised by uneven surfaces, limited connections and lack of signage and wayfinding.

In the longer term, a permanent urban realm design scheme aims to complete the waterside public space within the Paddington Basin. It will establish a clear, safe and accessible towpath alongside the canal, station entrance and office development, which will be built over the entrance. This will aid pedestrian movements and wayfinding from station exits and surrounding developments while maintaining the character and quality of the area by respecting the historical industrial character of the Basin.

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Bond Street West

Urban Realm Designers | John McAslan + Partners / WSP Group

Bond Street Station - Davies Street ticket hall urban realm_138980

The new urban realm scheme will sensitively integrate the new Crossrail station entrance with the surrounding environment and accommodate the increase in passenger numbers.

The Bond Street western station entrance is located on Davies Street, one of the main routes from Oxford Street to Mayfair, behind the West One shopping centre and the existing Bond Street station. This area is a busy shopping and tourist thoroughfare with high pedestrian flows.

The footfall is set to increase in the future, and as a result spaces for pedestrians and vehicles have been reviewed. Improvements will include a wide, raised crossing outside the station to address key pedestrian ‘desire lines’, while pedestrian priority areas are created to the north and south of the station on Weighhouse Street and St Anselm’s Place

At the eastern end of Weighhouse Street a prominent and generous forecourt to the station entrance will be created. The forecourt space will feature high-quality granite paving that will extend into the station concourse. St Anselm’s Place will also
be repaved.

Along Davies Street there will be a reduction of carriageway width and provision of much wider footways to accommodate the expected increase in pedestrian flows. This is complemented by a general decluttering of the area, use of high-quality materials, provision of cycle stands, ‘Legible London’ signage and improved lighting.

Bond Street East

Urban Realm Designers | John McAslan + Partners / WSP Group / Publica

Bond Street Station - Hanover Square urban realm proposals_139002

The urban realm design provides a new setting for the Crossrail station and a framework for restoration of the historic layout of the square by creating generous pedestrian areas around the gardens and on all sides of the square.

The new Crossrail station entrance on Hanover Square is located in the Mayfair conservation area, between Oxford Street and Regent Street. In the past the environment in Hanover Square has been dominated by traffic, with very wide carriageways, low quality pedestrian space and the general lack of a coherent public realm.

In Tenterden Street the proposals see the creation of a shared surface treatment. This will maximise the area available to pedestrians and create a prominent and generous forecourt to the station entrance. High-quality granite paving will extend into the station concourse. Four at-grade diagonal crossing points will be introduced on Hanover Square with adjacent footways in matching materials.

Where Tenterden Street joins Hanover Square there will also be lighting, seating opportunities and ‘Legible London’ signage. Cycle parking will be provided at several locations in the square and taxi bays are relocated closer to the station. It is hoped that the additional improvements to the rest of the square included in the urban realm masterplan will be funded by third parties.

The Crossrail property development, being delivered by Great Portland Estates, includes an additional element of new urban realm: a new public courtyard space which can be accessed from Tenterden Street, New Bond Street and Brook Street.

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Tottenham Court Road West

Urban Realm Designers | Atkins

Tottenham Court Road Station - Dean Street ticket hall urban realm_55833

The focus of the urban realm scheme will be on the streets to the immediate south of Oxford Street that surround Crossrail’s Tottenham Court Road west entrance between Dean Street and Great Chapel Street.

Soho is one of central London’s most dynamic districts. It continues to attract workers, visitors and tourists, with its Georgian streets now home to many of the UK’s successful independent media companies and some of London’s best restaurants, bars and clubs. Crossrail’s Dean Street station entrance will become part of the first underground station in Soho.

The station entrance will open into the northern part of Dean Street, adjacent to the junction with Oxford Street and is set to increase the footfall in this area. The urban realm scheme aims to knit the new station building and the new residential development above with the existing urban fabric by using traditional materials in a contemporary design.

A generous space for pedestrians will be created by closing off a small section of Dean Street between Fareham Street and Oxford Street to vehicles. On the other streets, the existing traffic arrangements will be maintained by keeping Fareham Street open to through-traffic. It will have widened footways and provide raised carriageways to rebalance the streetscape with greater consideration to the needs of pedestrians.

Tottenham Court Road East

Urban Realm Designers | Atkins / Gillespies / AHMM

Tottenham Court Road - aerial view of Charing Cross Road urban realm_138972

The existing Tottenham Court Road station is being rebuilt to accommodate Crossrail and the new ticket hall will be six times the size of the original. This, together with the property developments which are planned to take place on both sides of Tottenham Court Road, represents a crucial opportunity for Crossrail to act as a catalyst for transforming a part of central London.

St Giles Circus lies at the heart of some of the capital’s most popular destinations. However, this is a part of central London previously characterised by poor public realm and a dominating gyratory traffic system. Pedestrian movement was compromised by street clutter and narrow footways which at times caused an uncomfortable and, in places, unsafe experience on foot.

Crossrail has been working on the St Giles urban realm design proposal with its partners London Underground, TfL and the two local authorities Camden and Westminster. The scheme will create a new piazza around the new glass station entrances to provide a generous pedestrian space and extend around the base of Centre Point. It will re-establish the historic links between Oxford Street and Covent Garden. A pedestrian crossing between the piazza and a new landscaped space in Sutton Row will create a direct and legible walking route between St Giles, Centre Point and Soho Square to the west.

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