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London Borough of Ealing

Crossrail has set out plans to develop and enhance the public spaces around stations in a number of outer London boroughs. The proposed designs will include new landscaped areas, better way-finding and enhanced integration with other transport services.

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Urban Realm Designers | JMP / WSP Group

Southall Station urban realm architects impression_139034

A new Crossrail station will be built just to the north of the existing building on the South Road railway bridge. The wider Southall area is likely to change substantially in future years due to large scale redevelopment sites such as the Southall Gas Works site which has permission for 3,750 homes. There is enormous potential for improvement in the area around Southall station.

At present the urban landscape around the station is of a poor quality. Changes in levels, pedestrian footway widths, the location of bus infrastructure, and pedestrian facilities at nearby junctions all need improvement. The station bridge is an important road link but also needs to cater for pedestrians crossing to the station.

The proposals for the urban realm outside Southall station provide a significant new civic space for Southall. The scheme provides an enhanced transport interchange for pedestrians and cyclists, widened footways, better paving materials, and generous new pedestrian areas around the station where they are needed most. Flexible parking and loading space can be provided close to the station entrance and significant amounts of cycle parking space are also proposed. In addition, the junctions at either end of the bridge can be reconfigured to provide better pedestrian crossing facilities. Further afield, an alternative route across the tracks for pedestrians and cyclists is proposed by replacing the currently disused footbridge east of the station.

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Urban Realm Designers | Crossrail

Hanwell Station urban realm architects impression_139004

Hanwell station is a smaller and comparatively lightly-used station located in a predominantly residential area on a quiet street some distance away from the nearest major road. Despite the attractiveness of the Grade II listed station and the nearby houses, the streetscape generally suffers from inconsistent paving quality and a lack of step-free pedestrian crossings.

The urban realm proposals seek to address this and capitalise on the attractiveness of the station building by creating an enhanced forecourt in York stone with a granite setts ‘carpet’, lit by heritage lighting columns, and reducing the parking directly in front of the station. A bench is provided in the forecourt for those awaiting pickup, along with increased cycle parking. A station totem will make the station more visible from a distance.

There are plans, promoted by the borough, to reopen the rear station entrance. The proposals to improve the space outside this entrance include: providing flexible space for drop-off and pick-up, paving to match the front entrance, cycle parking, public seating, the kerbs realigned to increase footway width, lighting enhanced to address safety concerns, and concerns over speeding traffic to be addressed by raising the carriageway.

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West Ealing

Urban Realm Designers | Crossrail

West Ealing urban realm - view looking north_138953

Crossrail will relocate the station from its existing position on Drayton Green Road, which carries significant through-traffic, to Manor Road – a quieter side street.

Parts of the urban realm have already been upgraded as part of recent new developments in the area and these improvements will be extended as part of the Crossrail design. The proposals include innovative lighting, a statement landmark structure and a station totem to address the location of the new station building on a side road. Other improvements include a new forecourt and a raised table across the carriageway to calm traffic and connect the forecourt with the shops and the minicab office opposite; seating for those awaiting pickup; and a cycle hub providing covered space for up to 148 bikes.

Concept proposals for the unused railway platforms running parallel to Manor Road include landscaping or potentially container architecture. To help animate the forecourt, there is space for a new ‘pop-up’ cafe with tables and chairs.

Drayton Green Road, will retain its existing function, but will be treated in coloured tarmac with a flush central refuge to calm traffic and aid pedestrian crossing. The bus stop to the north of Manor Road could be relocated to outside the existing station building if space there can be created by demolishing the redundant ticket office.

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Ealing Broadway

Urban Realm Designers | Steer Davies Gleave / Urban Movement

Ealing Broadway station is the main gateway to the borough but it suffers from a poor immediate urban environment and low quality pedestrian links to the wider area. The character of the area is defined by the attractive green space of Haven Green, as well as the main thoroughfares and shopping centres of Ealing to the south.

The interchange between modes of transport at the station could be improved. Much of the station forecourt was until recently used for car parking, servicing and as pick-up and drop-off points for station users. This restricts pedestrian movement and gives a poor first impression on leaving the station.

The urban realm proposals for Ealing Broadway include a rationalisation of bus stop arrangements as a wider package of works designed to complement an improved station, minimise bus impact on Haven Green and improve the overall user experience of the area.

Within the station forecourt, work has already begun to provide (as a temporary treatment) a new space in which pedestrians have priority. The existing retaining wall will be removed at key locations to provide pedestrian routes; where it is retained, it will provide seating and the structure for a new cycle
parking area.

Further improvements will include a new bus shelter, feature lighting to announce the station’s presence, more footway space at key pinch points and the crossing between the forecourt and Haven Green which will give pedestrians
greater priority.

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Acton Main Line

Urban Realm Designers | Crossrail

Crossrail is building a new Acton Main Line station just to the south of the existing building on the junction of Horn Lane and Friary Road with a location and orientation that creates a new station forecourt east of the station and a new space to the rear.

The road junction is currently signalised, with significant guardrailing and pedestrian crossings that do not provide for natural pedestrian ‘desire lines’. Nearby footways have a number of pinch points, compounded by poorly located street furniture, and suffer from the use of multiple materials. There is no public seating close-by.

The aim of the urban realm design is to replace the existing signalised crossing with a non-standard roundabout layout using more robust materials, similar to the pioneering scheme in Poynton, Cheshire. Zebra crossings on each arm of the crossing will improve pedestrian access, while simultaneously slowing traffic and increasing junction capacity. Other features include narrowing the carriageway, footway widening, new tree planting, relocated bus-stop facilities, new public seating, and a cycle hub behind the station providing covered parking space for up to 84 bikes.

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