Safeguarding is the process by which the proposed route or location of a project can be protected from conflicting development.

The Crossrail Act provides for a railway terminating at Maidenhead in the west and Abbey Wood in the South-East. Land has been Safeguarded and Transport for London, in conjunction with The Department for Transport, confirmed in March 2014 that an extension to Reading will form part of the Crossrail route.

An additional extension from Abbey Wood to Gravesend and Hoo Junction, has been safeguarded however there are no current plans to extend the railway beyond the route currently identified.


The existence of a Safeguarding Direction will be declared by the local planning authority in response to searches of the local Land Charges register. Crossrail also provides a facility to identify postcodes located on the safeguarded route.

If the search shows you are within a safeguarded zone, please contact the Crossrail Helpdesk for further details, or fill in our property search form.  

You can browse the safeguarding plans and sections for each of the four safeguarding directions by clicking the links below.


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