Paddington Station - design

Paddington Station - design

The station will take the form of an underground box measuring 260m long, 25m wide and 23m deep, and located directly under Departures Road and Eastbourne Terrace. Construction will generate 160,000 cubic metres of excavation, 80,000 cubic metres of concrete and 15,000 t of reinforcement. It is due to commence in October 2011 and be completed by early 2017.

The main concourse will be located between the two entrances and their gatelines. Two banks of escalators will lead to platform-level, with one bank interconnecting with the Bakerloo link at an intermediate landing. Lifts will also be provided from ground to concourse and concourse to platform-level.

There is a single island platform at track level for eastbound and westbound trains separated at each end by the evacuation and ventilation cores. Each core incorporates a pair of staircases, intervention lifts, tunnel draught relief and three sets of tunnel ventilation fans. Automatic Platform Screen Doors (PED’s) extend the length of the 200m long platforms.

The large void housing the two main escalator inclines allows sunlight to flood into the concourse area. This is protected by a glass canopy which replaces the existing grade 1 listed canopy but at a higher level.

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