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Policies & Procedures

The following policies and procedures govern CRL's procurement and delivery activities.

Conflicts of Interest in the delivery of Crossrail


Crossrail Limited (CRL) takes conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest seriously.   Each individual or company who is or wishes to be engaged on the  Crossrail project, whether as a contractor or consultant to CRL as part of the CRL supply chain should be mindful of the obligations owed to CRLregarding conflicts of interest.  From the date of expressing an interest in Crossrail work to completion of Crossrail contracts companies or individuals must notify CRL immediately of any conflict or potential conflict of interest. If in any doubt, a query should be raised with CRL.

CRL’s policy regarding supply chain conflicts of interest is attached.

Enquiries or notifications related to conflicts of interest can be sent to the following email address :  provided that matters which are required to be disclosed:

  • in the course of procurement exercises must be notified in accordance with the relevant instructions to tenderers via CRL’s eSourcing system (Bravo)
  • pursuant to awarded contracts should also be notified to the Project Manager, the Employer’s Representative or the contract administrator nominated by CRL in the relevant contract for this purpose.

The Engagement of  Consultants

Companies that have a contract with CRL, or are bidding for a contract, and intend to engage consultants who are or who have been retained by CRL must comply with the attached principles for addressing potential conflicts of interest.

These principles have been prepared by reference to CRL’s Framework Design Contractors (FDCs) but they apply, where relevant, to other consultants and to sub-consultants retained directly or CRL The attached principles have been provided to the FDC’s. and are made available here to help to clarify  generally where conflicts may arise and to give guidance as to the approach which CRL would be minded to adopt upon being notified of the relevant facts. They are not intended to be comprehensive or binding in nature – judgment and discretion has to be exercised by CRL in each case.

In general, the earlier the notification to CRL the easier it is to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Late notification after a conflict of interest has already arisen is more likely to result in parties being excluded from participation in the affected contracts and may have other legal consequences.

Companies expressing an interest in Crossrail work and Tenderersmust comply with the attached principles regarding the engagement of consultants and notify CRL, or seek advice, regarding all actual or perceived conflicts of interest via CRL’s eSourcing system (Bravo). 

FDC’s, other consultants, and all contractors appointed by CRL must comply with the attached principles regarding the engagement of consultants and notify CRL, or seek advice, regarding conflicts of interest via the relevant contract administrator.

Download FDC Conflict of Interest Principles

Download Schedule of FDCs

Download Supply Chain Conflicts of Interest Policy

Download Business Ethics Policy

Procurement Policy

The Procurement Policy governs all of CRL's procurement activities. It will be reviewed on an annual basis or as necessary to reflect any relevant policy developments.

Download Crossrail Procurement Policy

Supplier Guide

The Crossrail Supplier Guide aims to help all interested suppliers find out more about the Crossrail project and opportunities.

Download Crossrail Supplier Guide

Responsible Procurement

Responsible procurement ensures that the procurement of works, services and goods takes account of and promotes best practice with regard to the environment, supplier diversity, ethical sourcing, community benefits, fair employment practices and other relevant factors.

Download Crossrail Responsible Procurement Policy

Ethical behaviour and relationships with suppliers

CRL will trade only with reputable and stable organisations whose delivery capability has been fully assessed and who continue to perform to requirements.

The complexity and scale of the Crossrail programme will require collaborative behaviours from all involved. Crossrail will foster this with its approach to contracts, contract management and in all relationships.

Procurement activities will meet the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour whilst meeting both best practice and the best interests of the project. Procurement transactions will be conducted and concluded honestly, fairly and transparently. Procurement practice will be of the highest standard and closely monitored.

CRL has taken action to address the risks of slavery and human trafficking taking place in any part of its supply chain.  The attached Modern Slavery Statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Download Modern Slavery Statement 2018

Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statement

CRL is committed to implementing all the provisions in the TfL Health, Safety and Environment Policy (HSE). Our policy approach to health, safety and the environment is set out in the Crossrail Programme Health, Safety and Environment Policy.

Quality Policy Statement

The programme of work will be completed in accordance with a quality management system that ensures that the Sponsors' and other defined requirements are met. CRL's Quality Director is responsible for implementing this policy.

Download Crossrail Quality Policy Statement April 2010

Whole Life Costing Policy

Crossrail recognises that the initial capital cost is only part of the total cost of Crossrail and will be actively considering Whole Life Cost as part of the design and delivery.

Download Crossrail Whole Life Costing Policy, 29 May 2009