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Information rounds

A series of public consultation and information rounds were held between October 2003 and April 2007 to explain the proposals in the Crossrail Bill.

Public Consultation Round One

Following an extensive campaign creating awareness about Crossrail, we asked people what they thought of the proposals for Crossrail. This was done through Public Information Centres, meetings, information for schools, a 24/7 telephone helpdesk and a web site. The round took place from 27 October 2003 to 3 December 2003.

Public Consultation Round Two

The nature of the second round of the public engagement programme was determined by the Secretary of State for Transport who announced the scope of the scheme on the 20 July 2004. It took place from 5 August 2004 to 27 October 2004.

Information Round 2005

The information round took place between 10 and 19 February 2005, with Public Information Centres and Information Exchanges again being used to give local details as well as show the whole route. This round reflects closely the content of the Environmental Statement deposited in Parliament with the Crossrail Bill in February 2005.

Whitechapel Information Round 2005

This took place from 30 August 2005 to 30 September 2005 to give details of further development of the proposals for a western ticket hall.

Information Round 2006

This took place between 11 September 2006 and 19 October 2006 to give further details relating to various changes in the the Bill proposals along the route.

Woolwich Information Round

An information round took place in April 2007 to give details of further developments relating to the Crossrail station at Woolwich.You can also download from here the Aggregated Consultation Report, produced in September 2005.

Information Round 2008

This took place from September to October 2008 along the route of the railway.