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Crossrail Bill Supporting Documents

Crossrail Bill Supporting Documents

The Crossrail Bill became an Act of Parliament in July 2008. The parliamentary process required much documentation, all of which can be found here.  

Use this resource to access detailed information about the Crossrail Bill and the various supporting documents which have been produced.  

Accessing the documentation

The library folders below contain all of the Crossrail Bill documents.  You can also use the navigation to the right to access detailed information about Crossrail, The Environmental Statement (ES) and the Plans and Sections deposited with the Bill.  

Some of these files are large in size and may take some time to download.


0008 R West.pdf

Download document Download 0008 R West.pdf

Basic information

0013 R Appendices.pdf

Download document Download 0013 R Appendices.pdf

Basic information

0011 R North East.pdf

Download document Download 0011 R North East.pdf

Basic information

0002 R Project Description.pdf

Download document Download 0002 R Project Description.pdf

Basic information

0007 R RW Employment Chg.pdf

Download document Download 0007 R RW Employment Chg.pdf

Basic information

0009 R Heathrow.pdf

Download document Download 0009 R Heathrow.pdf

Basic information

_STR11 Cover.pdf

Download document Download _STR11 Cover.pdf

Basic information

0003 R Scope Methodology.pdf

Download document Download 0003 R Scope Methodology.pdf

Basic information

0010 R Central.pdf

Download document Download 0010 R Central.pdf

Basic information

0006 R RW Regeneration Benefits.pdf

Download document Download 0006 R RW Regeneration Benefits.pdf

Basic information

0004 R RW Baseline.pdf

Download document Download 0004 R RW Baseline.pdf

Basic information

0012 R South East.pdf

Download document Download 0012 R South East.pdf

Basic information

0001 R Introduction.pdf

Download document Download 0001 R Introduction.pdf

Basic information

0005 R RW Agglomeration Benefits.pdf

Download document Download 0005 R RW Agglomeration Benefits.pdf

Basic information