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Specialist Technical Reports

Specialist Technical Reports

The Specialist technical reports detail the likely environmental impacts along the Crossrail route and form the basis of the Environmental Statement (ES).

There is an Addendum and Errata to these reports, published in May 2005 which is also listed.  Use the navigation buttons on the right to access specific reports.

Also available via the menu to the right are:

  • Supplementary Environmental Statement (SES1)
  • Supplementary Environmental Statement (SES2)
  • Supplementary Environmental Statement (SES3)
  • published in May 2007 Supplementary Environmental Statement (SES4)
  • Amendment of Provisions Environmental Statement (AP), published in January 2006
  • further documents (AP2) published in May 2006
  • (AP3), published in November 2006
  • (AP4), published in May 2007
  • Plans and Sections. 

NB - some of these files are very large and may take some time to download.  If you experience any problems accessing the information please contact our Helpdesk who can forward the relevant information to you direct.  

Specialist Technical Reports