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Independent Crossrail Complaints Commissioner

Independent Crossrail Complaints Commissioner

The Secretary of State for Transport has appointed an Independent Crossrail Complaints Commissioner. The role of the Commissioner is to follow up on any cases where a member of the public is not satisfied by Crossrail's response to a complaint about construction issues.

Any member of the public who feels they have not received information that they require from Crossrail, and has been unable to resolve this issue in communication with Crossrail, may ask the Complaints Commissioner to adjudicate. The application must be submitted in writing and the Complaints Commissioner must respond within 28 days, unless a further time limit is agreed.

The Crossrail Complaints Commissioner will:

  • Act as a mediator in unresolved disputes between the project and members of the public
  • Make recommendations to the Nominated Undertaker (Crossrail or London Underground) where action might be taken to satisfactorily address complaints, resolve disputes, or mitigate against the future occurrence of complaints or disputes
  • Act as Registrar of the Small Claims Scheme - if a claim for loss or damages has been turned down by the Administrator of the Small Claims Scheme, the applicant can request that the Complaints Commissioner adjudicates, and the Complaints Commissioner will be able make financial recommendations if the applicant has suffered a loss or damages of up to £5000
  • Advise members of the public who are unhappy with any aspect of the construction of Crossrail on how to lodge a complaint.

The Complaints Commissioner will not act before Crossrail, London Underground or its contractor have attempted to address a case, and will not get involved in issues such as property, matters already considered by Parliament in approving the Crossrail Act, or matters which are not part of the Crossrail project.

Contact details

Crossrail Complaints Commissioner
Third Floor, 83 Victoria Street
London SW1H 0HW

Helpline number: 0333 700 7300

Fax: 0333 700 7301

Email: [email protected]