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Crossrail Bond Street eastern ticket hall time lapse video

By Tom Lawson

This short time lapse video shows how our demolition contractor, McGee, demolishes a six storey building on the corner of Hanover Square and Tenterden Street to make way for Bond Street's eastern ticket hall.

You can also see the Davies Street crane working in the background of this video. Demolition at the Hanover Square site progresses at approximately one floor every two weeks.

The completed eastern ticket hall will be located in Hanover Square also providing an new entrance to the station platforms under Mayfair. As with the western ticket hall a new development will be constructed above.

The Crossrail tunnels under Bond Street will run at a depth of 26m, parallel to and approximately 100 metres south of Oxford Street. The two TBM drives will approach the location of Bond Street in late 2012 to create the running tunnels and the pilot tunnels for the new station platforms. Once the pilot tunnel is bored by the TBM, the platform tunnels will be enlarged to create the new platforms.