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Digging good foundations

Digging good foundations

Building the foundations of Crossrail’s western ticket hall at Dean Street is well underway.

Crossrail’s contractor, BBMV, has completed the 39 bored piles which will help support the ticket hall and the future development above the station. They are also forging ahead with the 63 diaphragm wall piles that will form the walls of the Crossrail station box underground.

Building the piles within such a small site presents some big challenges. With storage space limited, the steel reinforcement cages for the piles need to be delivered to the site just before they are used. This requires careful logistical management to ensure the cages arrive just in time.

A small number of the steel cages are too long to enter the site from Oxford Street and need to be delivered from Dean Street. To minimise disruption to the local community, Dean Street deliveries are being made between 07:00 and 11:00.

Having several large cranes on site creates another challenge. The cranes are used to excavate the ground to a depth of up to 42 metres and lift the steel cages into place. The movement of cranes is carefully choreographed to ensure the safety of their operators, the construction team and the public.

Excavation of the station box will begin next year, when piling is complete.