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Road Safety Information

Safely sharing London's roads during the construction of the Elizabeth line is hugely important to us. The new railway has taken a number of years to build and our focus until all works are complete will remain on minimising disruption and making our project as safe as possible for all Londoners.

We set extremely high safety standards across the project's supply chains, particularly when it came to road safety.

We have undertaken a number of initiatives already, including:

  • Training over 10,000 lorry drivers in cycle awareness;
  • Making additional safety equipment mandatory on all lorries and vans working on the project;
  • Translating our road safety information into 18 different languages;
  • Organising safer cycling awareness events near our construction sites to help cyclists become more aware of the risks of cycling next to lorries; and
  • Fitting road safety mirrors around our construction sites.

Image of 1000th Lorry driver to undertake Crossrail Lorry Driver Training programme

The Lorry Driver Training (LDT) has now finished and has been replaced with the Transport for London (TfL) run Safe Urban Driver training (SUD) scheme.

Drivers can now attend TfL’s Safe Urban Driver training (SUD) free of charge when their company is FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) accredited.


The Crossrail project took a four-pronged approach to improving driver safety:

  • Behavioural Change
  • Raising Awareness
    • Corporate Manslaughter Act Seminars
    • Exchanging Places
  • Contractor Support
    • Vehicles & Driver Safety
    • Working Group
    • Contractor Online Forum (Extranet)
    • Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme
  • Vehicles and Junctions (Safety Equipment Installed)
    • Vehicle Safety Kit Requirements
    • Road Safety (Trixi) Mirrors
    • Vehicle Safety Kit Helpline

Visit the Crossrail Learning Legacy to learn more about these initiatives.


Crossrail Ltd and its contractors have worked on a number of initiatives through the construction of the Elizabeth line to make it safer for cyclists manoeuvring around our construction sites. In conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Cycle Task Force and the City of London Police, we raised awareness for vulnerable road users about the dangers of sharing London roads with construction traffic. 

With generous support from Crossrail’s contractors and site teams, We ran a series of Exchanging Places events in prominent locations near our construction sites and along our lorry routes from 2012 through to 2016.

Crossrail also attended major cycling-themed events, such as Prudential Ride London and the London Bike Show. 

Over 6,000 people received a safety briefing from the police at these events. Many cyclists attending our self-hosted events close to our construction sites also benefitted from free bike M.O.T.'s from qualified bike mechanics and free bike marking from the police.

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