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Crossrail Tunnelling - Breakthrough's in Pictures

Tunnelling machine Victoria successfully broke into Farringdon Crossrail station on 23 May at 5.30am. Victoria then constructed the remaining section of Crossrail tunnel as she progressed into Farringdon station, completing the job and linking all Crossrail tunnels.

Crossrail tunnelling ended on 26 May 2015 when TBM Victoria completed her journey.

Crossrail’s tunnelling machines had a total of 18 breakthroughs when constructing the eastern tunnels (Docklands to Farringdon) and Thames Tunnel (Plumstead to North Woolwich) as follows:

Sophia at Woolwich - 15 May 2013

Elizabeth at Canary Wharf – 21 May 2013

Victoria at Canary Wharf – 11 June 2013

Mary at Woolwich - 4 September 2013

Elizabeth at Stepney Green – 6 November 2013

Elizabeth at Whitechapel – 20 January 2014

Sophia at North Woolwich – 29 January 2014

Victoria at Stepney Green – 30 January 2014

Jessica at Stepney Green – 3 February 2014

Victoria at Whitechapel – 4 April 2014

Mary at North Woolwich – 13 May 2014

Ellie at Stepney Green – 9 June 2014

Jessica at Victoria Dock Portal – 9 August 2014

Ellie at Victoria Dock Portal – 18 October 2014

Elizabeth at Liverpool Street – 29 January 2015

Victoria at Liverpool Street – 10 March 2015

Elizabeth at Farringdon – 9 May 2015

Victoria at Farringdon – 23 May 2015

The Crossrail tunnelling machines constructing the western tunnels between Royal Oak and Farringdon did not break through into any stations or portals.

In the west, tunnelling machines Phyllis and Ada were launched at Royal Oak Portal and tunnelled towards Farringdon creating the running tunnels first, after which the station tunnels were enlarged around the running tunnels. These TBMs passed under station sites at Paddington, Bond Street, Tottenham Court Road and Farringdon without any break throughs.

For the eastern tunnel drive between Docklands and Farringdon, the station tunnels and underground structures were constructed before the tunnelling machines passed these locations.

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